About Senyiur

H.M. Jos Soetomo


Senyiur Hotels & Resorts is a family business which has been reigning in Kalimantan's hospitality business for 25 years, owning three properties in East Kalimantan and one property in East Java, marking our first development outside Kalimantan island, and the first and only leisure property in Senyiur's line. Recognizing the growing demands of inn-keeping business, Senyiur Hotel & Resort introduced not only to fulfill the basic needs of our guests but to provide extra miles service and enhance the experience of luxury and exclusiveness.

We understand the needs of our guest for value of money and truly satisfying service which come from heart. This is our brand promise and commitment to all our valued guests of Senyiur Hotels & Resorts. For that accomplishment, Senyiur Hotels & Resorts has been known for its service and hospitality in Kalimantan through our loyal guests and has been given the honor to be the only hotels in East Kalimantan trusted to receive VVIP guests more than once. We have been receiving Politicians, Ministers, Ambassadors and four Presidents of People Republic of Indonesia in last 25 years.

In one and a half decade, Senyiur Hotels & Resort has accomplished and embraced the true meaning of hospitable hospitality, and it is the beginning of our journey to continue this legacy and develop in becoming innovative and competitive business.